Are there any extra fees?

No. Basic tuition covers everything from music, arts, and languages classes, to field trips and classroom supplies. We never solicit contributions from parents

Do students receive letter grades?

No. Rather than traditional grades, which have little meaning, families receive detailed information on student progress through formal and informal meetings throughout the year. When necessary (for example, when transferring to a different school), our assessments are translated into letter … Read More

What is the school calendar like?

Our program is a full-day, year-round program. We are closed only 10 days of the year. Since our curriculum is individualized, families are able to take vacations on their own schedule without their students falling behind in the development of … Read More

On average how much homework will my student have?

Because of our full-day program, students do not generally have homework. Those with unusual schedules (for example, to accommodate sporting events) may be given work to do at home. There is ample time during the day to complete assigned work.

Is standardized testing part of the curriculum?

We do not administer standardized testing to evaluate students. Instead, we assess student progress by observing what students can do. Nevertheless, because test taking is an essential academic skill, students are taught test-taking skills.

Is there an admissions test required?

No, we do not require an admissions test. However, prior to an offer of enrollment prospective students must visit for three days to allow us to assess their ability to prosper within the school community.