Core Enrichment Programs


Yuming Tseng, Art Instructor

Emerson students in Grades 1-8 participate in 2 hours of focused art class each week under the guidance of Yuming Tseng, Art Instructor. 

Emerson’s art program introduces students to artwork across the ages from Ancient to postmodern. Influential artists from different categories, such as painting, sculpture, or architecture are selected as topics for classes. Students are introduced to one topic/artist at a time. Students learn about the history of each artist why artists had such an important role in the history of art, and what the most recognizable styles are for these artists. Students create their own artwork based on the artists’ styles. 

Art exhibits showcasing student creations are held twice a year. In addition, students attend field trips to local art centers and museums when shows relate to art curriculum.  In 2019, in conjunction with visits to the de Young Museum and SFMOMA, Emerson students participated in their first MEA (Museum of Emerson Artists) Gala. Students individually selected artwork from the year’s period of study (19th century to present) and created attire inspired by the piece. 

Among some of Yuming’s personal achievements: 

  • “Teacher Awards”, 2011, Teacher recognized as sponsoring a top ten artist, USA National
  • “The Sixth National Taiwan Golden Ceramics Award”, 2000, Selected, Taipei County Yingko Ceramics Museum, Taipei, Taiwan. 
  • “International Biennial Exhibition of Ceramics Art”, 2000, Selected, National Museum of History, Taipei, Taiwan.
  • “The issue of Direct Art Buyer Magazine”, 1998, Selected , Slow Art Productions, New York.
  • “Ceramics Viewpoint 98”, 1998, Selected , Hyde Gallery, Los Angeles, California.
  • “Current Clay VI”, Award Winner, 1997, A Southern California Juried Exhibition of Ceramics Works.
  • “The Fifth National Taiwan Golden Ceramics Award”, 1996, Selected, Taipei Fine Art Museum , Taipei, Taiwan.
  • Ceramics Arts Exhibition”, 1996, Selected, Taijong Art Museum, Taijong, Taiwan. 
  • “California Collegiate Ceramics Competition”, Award Winner, 1996, Riverside Art Museum, Los Angeles, California.
  • “The Fourth National Taiwan Golden Ceramics Competition”, Silver Award, 1995, Taipei Fine Art Museum, Taipe, Taiwan.