Student Life


Emerson offers a variety of enrichment experiences for students, encompassing art, music, cultural immersions, field trips  and more.  

Field trips

Several field trips are organized throughout the school year to enrich students experiences and facilitate better learning.  Field trips are related to the projects that children work on during the school year. Examples of locations visited in 2019 are Chabot Space and Science Center, Pillar Point, Mission San Jose and many more.  Field trips are typically day trip leaving from and returning to the school campus.

Upcoming Field Trips

  • “Behold Your Queen, The Story of Esther” performance 10:00-2:00 at Ananda Church Theater in Palo Alto (Grades 3-8, parent drivers needed)
  • Lawrence Hall of Science (Grades 1-8, parent drivers needed, off campus approximately 9:00-3:30)

Camping trip

Every year students between grades 4 to 8 participate on a 2 night and 3 day camping trip to a location identified by the school.  This is a combined trip between Emerson and Hacienda school (in Pleasonton). Previous trips have taken students to Mt. Diablo State Park and Del Valle Regional Park.  Click here for pictures of past trips

Spring and Winter concerts

Twice a year the students prepare for and participate in performances that showcase what they have learned in music (singing and instruments).  The band performs at these events as well.

Chinese and Spanish Cultural days

Students participate in regular weekly foreign language classes, as well as optional immersion programs in both Chinese and Spanish These programs are available to all of families at no additional cost.  Once a year, students prepare for and present their learnings in each language in the form of song, recitals, etc

After School Logic 

Regular tuition covers logic hour from 5pm to 6pm daily.  During this hour, student play board games, make puzzles and craft, etc. under the supervision of Emerson Staff.   

Music and Band

Lower elementary students attend scheduled music lessons 3 days a week  that include singing, ukulele and recorder (in third grade). Upper elementary and middle school students take string lessons twice a week (currently violin).  Upper elementary and middle school students also participate in band twice a week.

Art Show

Art classes are offered twice a week for all students.  During art students are taught about different art styles and artists.

Spelling Bee

Theodore McGee and Gabrielle Paz

Emerson School participates in the Scripp’s National Spelling Bee program.

Emerson School congratulates Gabrielle Paz and Theodore McGee for their championship performances in our school spelling bee last month. After 40 rounds back and forth of spelling words correctly, Gabrielle advanced to the online portion of the 2020 Scripps National Spelling Bee Program. 

Although Gabrielle did not qualify as one of the 50 top spellers to advance to the Regional level, both Theodore and Gabrielle were presented an award by Encyclopaedia Britannica for outstanding achievement in the 2020 Scripps National Spelling Bee Program. 

Both students were presented with certificates awarding them each a free one-year subscription to

Congratulations once again to Theodore and Gabrielle for a job well done! 

Year End Play

Community Service Activities