Programs Overview

Preschool (HeadsUp!)

Emerson preschools provide the first step for many of our future students’ immersive education and Montessori school experience. We offer parents the security of knowing that their children are receiving the finest care and development guidance available. Our full day infant daycare combines an innovative approach to early learning with traditional values and the joy of discovery to promote and encourage individually-paced learning as part of our Montessori school curriculum.

Elementary & Middle School

Our mission is to provide an enriched learning environment in which students develop optimally and fulfill their full potential as human beings in all their roles and relationships. We intend that they develop the intellectual and social skills, as well as character, to enable them to succeed in high school and college settings. We expect that they will not only take their proper places in society, they will come to influence and change society for the better.

Summer Writing Camp (WriteNow!)

Write Now!® writing courses are designed to improve students’ skills in formal, informal, and creative writing. “Expository writing” addresses the types of writing done in school: news reports, letters, memos, pop quizzes, book reports, movie reviews, blogs, essays, and research reports. In addition, it includes the four major writing tests that are given to California students (“narrative,” “summary,” “response to literature,” and “persuasive”). Creative writing encourages self expression and, in general, encompasses the major creative forms: stories, poems, and plays. “Presentation Techniques” focuses on the development of public speaking skills, with a three-year cycle that includes three topics: presentation tools (“Posters and PowerPoints”), “Debate Skills,” and “Persuasion.”

Full-Day & Year-Round Schedule

The year-round schedule means that student progress is not lost during extended vacation periods and families have the flexibility to take vacations when work schedules and weather permit.

Core Enrichment Programs

Emerson’s art program introduces students to artwork across the ages from Ancient to postmodern. Influential artists from different categories, such as painting, sculpture, or architecture are selected as topics for classes.


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